JK Engineering has over many years manufactured a range of components for the Defence industry, at all levels of complexity and sensitivity, and from short runs to high volume production.

Defence components invariably need to be machined with extreme precision, so that they can continue to perform under the most challenging of conditions, throughout their useful life. We invariably work closely with our customers during the Design For Manufacture (DFM) Stages to help improve a product’s design where we can, and to ensure that any technical issues can be addressed before manufacturing begins. We not only manufacture components to their finished specification but provide assembly services as well when required.

One of the challenges for many of our Defence customers is to remanufacture legacy components, especially those originally made from castings. Our skilled CAD-CAM operation enables us to convert your 2D drawings, or use your 3D files, to create, verify and produce CNC programs to manufacture your components precisely to the specification required.

We understand the cost implications and time it can take for a Defence customer to find and then onboard a new supplier. We therefore have a dedicated team, within our quality management structure, to help with the entire onboarding process and to make this as efficient as possible.


What our clients say:

  • We have taken delivery of the first parts and would like to say that they are the best ones we have ever had manufactured. The service and turnaround has been exceptional.

    Oil and Gas sector company
    Senior Buyer

  • Everything has been perfect - 10 things all needed to key together perfectly and to our surprise it all just went together. The actuator bore/piston was hands down one of the best fitting ones we have ever assembled, and we've built thousands over the years here.

    Robotics Manufacture
    Senior Design Engineer

  • The part really looks fantastic and all our mechanical designers are extremely excited and have been staring at it for the last hour. Thanks for the great work.

    Robotics Manufacturer
    Senior Design Engineer

  • These are probably the nicest finish I have ever seen in titanium and something about their curvature specifically just really made them look incredible. They've gotten a number of looks from all of our engineers who keep constantly asking who made those parts.

    Robotics Manufacturer
    Senior Design Engineer

  • All we can really say is WOW - astounding facility and what a focused and cohesive team. Having been in engineering all my career (35 years), I have had few companies impress me that much

    Turbine Manufacturer

  • The parts are perfect. Frankly I'm astonished at the speed that you've turned these parts around, and the exceptionally high standard of the whole experience I've had working with you.

    Surgical Instruments Manufacturer
    Managing Director

  • Thanks for the delivery - on time again! You're making the rest of us look bad! I've seen the parts this morning, and they are once again spot on. Thanks again for helping us out on this one.

    Surgical Instruments Manufacturer
    Managing Director

  • I was approached by one of our inspectors today and asked to pass on my compliments regarding the standard of work he found when he inspected the parts. This is a complex part, and he was impressed with the component you provided, particularly given the additional pressure at this time with the volume of parts being processed and the tight deadlines we require you to work to. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    F1 Team
    Supply Quality Engineer

  • As one of our key Suppliers, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your efforts and commitment over the Winter. The whole team, of which you are a significant part, has responded magnificently to this challenge and the level of teamwork, dedication and professionalism has increased to another level of performance.

    F1 Team
    Lead Technical Buyer


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