Applied Training Programme

At JK Engineering, we are committed to investing in our trainees, to enable us to build a strong team for our future, and to drive innovation. That's why we offer an Applied Training Program that can help you to develop your skills, while preparing you for a successful career in engineering with us!

We truly believe that fresh perspectives and innovative ideas are crucial to driving progress within the engineering industry. As we continue to develop cutting-edge solutions for our clients, we need young engineers who can create new ideas and develop fresh approaches.

We believe that young engineers will always make an invaluable addition to our team. They tend to be creative, curious, and eager to learn. They are comfortable with new technologies and often become early adopters of emerging tools and techniques. In fact, ten of our existing full-time technical staff started as trainees with us.

As a trainee at JK Engineering, you will have an opportunity to work on a variety of projects and collaborate with our senior and more experienced engineers. You will have access to the latest tools and technology and will receive ongoing support and mentorship.

Precision engineering is certainly at the glamorous end of engineering! No messy tools, no dirty engines, while working in a pristine environment. We manufacture critical components for F1 cars, Aerospace, satellites, the Medical Industry and even for robots. Our trainees learn how to make complex parts out of exotic metals like titanium and aluminium, using an array of highly advanced CNC machine tools.

If you are already a young engineer who is passionate about innovation and are eager to learn, then we would encourage you to apply now for our Applied Traineeship Program. To do so, click the ‘ENQUIRE HERE’ button below, and please remember to attach your CV with details of your experience to date and any qualifications, and also provide some additional notes on why you are interested in working with JK Engineering.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Applied Training Programme

Q & A

What can I expect?
A Traineeship can be a great opportunity, not only to start earning, but also to gain valuable skills and experience while operating in a real-world working environment. By enrolling in our Applied Traineeship Programme, you will receive hands-on training, with expert mentorship, while working alongside highly experienced engineers on live projects. You will also learn how to become self-motivated and to remain focused on your career goals.

You can expect to spend time working within a range of departments. We want to find out which one best fits your potential and also suits our own business needs. After a period of 2-3 years, you will have gained a huge amount of valuable experience while acquiring skills in a range of engineering disciplines.

What will I be doing?
As a trainee, among your responsibilities, you will be required to contribute to the manufacturing of precision-engineered components that meet industry-leading standards, while under the supervision of our experienced engineers. You will learn how to operate state-of-the-art machinery and use sophisticated CAD/CAM software. Part of your duties will also be to help to maintain our company’s pristine factory environment, to ensure that it can run as efficiently as possible.

Sounds great, but how do I know if engineering is really the career for me?
Ultimately, the best way to know if engineering is the best career for you is to come and try it out for yourself! Get in touch with JK Engineering and we will be happy to facilitate a tour where you can see our technology in action. You can also talk to many of our engineers who have developed their own careers with us after starting off originally as trainees.

What should I do now?
If you have got this far, that is a fantastic sign already! Take a look at the rest of our website and social media pages for more information about the company if you haven’t done so already. Next… get in touch! Availability for positions is constantly being reviewed and we wouldn’t want anyone good to miss out on some of the great opportunities we are offering.

Fill out the JK Engineering Applied Training Programme Enquiry Form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We would love to help you to kick-start your career in precision engineering and look forward to welcoming you.

The JK Engineering Team.



We are an continually expanding business and are always on the lookout for great people that can join us and fit in with our operation and team.

We currently have vacancies for the positions that are listed below.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these roles, please fill out the JK Engineering Vacancies ENQUIRY FORM. Please also send us your CV (using the upload link below) and we will be in touch shortly to tell you more and to answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

(NB: if you are interested in becoming an apprentice, please see our ‘Apprenticeships’ section above)

We currently have vacancies for the following positions:
CMM Quality Inspector
CNC Miller Setter/Operator
CNC Offline Programmer
Setter/Operator – Night Shift
CNC Operator

What our clients say:

  • We have taken delivery of the first parts and would like to say that they are the best ones we have ever had manufactured. The service and turnaround has been exceptional.

    Oil and Gas sector company
    Senior Buyer

  • Everything has been perfect - 10 things all needed to key together perfectly and to our surprise it all just went together. The actuator bore/piston was hands down one of the best fitting ones we have ever assembled, and we've built thousands over the years here.

    Robotics Manufacture
    Senior Design Engineer

  • The part really looks fantastic and all our mechanical designers are extremely excited and have been staring at it for the last hour. Thanks for the great work.

    Robotics Manufacturer
    Senior Design Engineer

  • These are probably the nicest finish I have ever seen in titanium and something about their curvature specifically just really made them look incredible. They've gotten a number of looks from all of our engineers who keep constantly asking who made those parts.

    Robotics Manufacturer
    Senior Design Engineer

  • All we can really say is WOW - astounding facility and what a focused and cohesive team. Having been in engineering all my career (35 years), I have had few companies impress me that much

    Turbine Manufacturer

  • The parts are perfect. Frankly I'm astonished at the speed that you've turned these parts around, and the exceptionally high standard of the whole experience I've had working with you.

    Surgical Instruments Manufacturer
    Managing Director

  • Thanks for the delivery - on time again! You're making the rest of us look bad! I've seen the parts this morning, and they are once again spot on. Thanks again for helping us out on this one.

    Surgical Instruments Manufacturer
    Managing Director

  • I was approached by one of our inspectors today and asked to pass on my compliments regarding the standard of work he found when he inspected the parts. This is a complex part, and he was impressed with the component you provided, particularly given the additional pressure at this time with the volume of parts being processed and the tight deadlines we require you to work to. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    F1 Team
    Supply Quality Engineer

  • As one of our key Suppliers, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your efforts and commitment over the Winter. The whole team, of which you are a significant part, has responded magnificently to this challenge and the level of teamwork, dedication and professionalism has increased to another level of performance.

    F1 Team
    Lead Technical Buyer